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Travel with love.

Bluesea Trading Gourp Co,.Limited.

We want the world to have animals. At Bluesea, we believe in supporting pet adoption. We also donate to charities so animals can be adopted.

So whether you are new to owning a pet or an expert in the field, our staff is trained to serve you and your pets.

Bluesea has pet specialty stores around Australian. Pets are welcome at all of these stores.

Let 's stand out!

At Bluesea, we think that pets are great. They make us feel happy when they greet us at the door. When they curl up next to you, it feels really warm and nice. We know what you're feeling because we love pets too!

So, we have been working to help people with pets. We give advice and products that will help them take care of their animals. They can find these things at Bluesea Australian, which is the best pet supply store in the country.


We want to make it easy for you to buy things for your pets. Our staff are really excited about pets. They know about caring for them and have all the brands you like, so it will be easy to find all the things your pet needs.

Pet parents will find everything they need for their pets. They can find toys, cages, clothes and so much more. There is water for the pet to drink and even backpacks to carry them in. There are many things that you can get for your pet so it is happy!


83 Woerdens Road CASTLE ROCK New South Wales


+61 (02) 4992 1062


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